Empowering NHS Hospitals and Trusts: Comprehensive Equipment Solutions and Support

At Shepherd Hospital Equipment, we are proud partners of NHS hospitals and trusts nationwide. We understand their challenges: high demand, tight budgets, and the need for reliable equipment. Our swift servicing, repairs, and preventive maintenance for care beds, wheelchairs, hoists, and power chairs keep NHS operations smooth. Our unique asset tagging app provides real-time equipment status, enhancing safety and efficiency. By minimizing downtime and optimizing resources, we empower the NHS to focus on what matters most: delivering excellent patient care across the UK.


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At Shepherd Hospital Equipment, we're proud partners of NHS hospitals and trusts nationwide. We understand the challenges you face:

High patient volumes stretching resources

Tight budgets requiring cost-efficient solutions

Zero tolerance for equipment downtime

That's why our services are tailored to meet these demands head-on. We provide expert maintenance, repairs and servicing across essential equipment like beds, wheelchairs and hoists. Our rapid response minimizes downtime so you can deliver uninterrupted care.

But we don't just react - our preventive schedules catch issues before they escalate, maximising equipment lifespan and your investment.

Our game-changing asset tagging app offers real-time visibility into equipment status across all sites. This streamlines asset management and enhances safety. By optimizing utilisation and reducing breakdowns, we help direct more resources into frontline care.

In short, our partnership supports the backbone of the UK's healthcare system. We'll ensure you can deliver outstanding care to local communities without equipment holding you back.

Servicing NHS Hospitals and Trusts

Dedicated partner understanding unique challenges of NHS hospitals and trusts

Comprehensive servicing, repairs, and preventive maintenance for wide range of essential medical equipment

Rapid response times to minimize downtime and ensure uninterrupted patient care

Bespoke asset tagging system for enhanced equipment visibility, safety, and optimisation

Committed ally helping NHS focus on their crucial work of safeguarding the nation's health

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Repairs of Servicing NHS Hospitals and Trusts

Swift Response: Our skilled technicians are on standby to quickly address any equipment breakdowns, ensuring minimal disruption to patient care.

Comprehensive Expertise: We repair a wide range of equipment, from care beds and wheelchairs to hoists and power chairs, covering various brands and models.

On-site Repairs: Whenever possible, we carry out repairs on-site at NHS facilities, saving time and reducing the need for equipment transport.

Thorough Diagnostics: Our team conducts rigorous diagnostics to identify the root cause of issues, enabling efficient and lasting repairs.

Preventive Approach: We proactively identify potential problems during repairs and maintenance, helping NHS trusts avoid future breakdowns and extend equipment life.

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Asset Tagging of Equipment

Real-time tracking capabilities enable locating and checking status of tagged equipment instantly.

Scanning tagged items provides complete maintenance history and upcoming service date visibility.

Tagging system allows quick identification and removal of equipment due for servicing/repair, enhancing safety.

Clear visibility of equipment status across sites optimizes utilization and allocation of resources.

Data from asset tagging system offers valuable insights into usage patterns and lifecycles for informed procurement/budgeting decisions.

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Supply Medical Equipment To NHS Hospitals and Trusts

Real-time tracking: Instantly locate and check the status of tagged equipment, saving time and effort across hospital sites.

Maintenance visibility: Scan tagged items for complete maintenance history and upcoming service dates, ensuring timely upkeep.

Enhanced safety: Quickly identify and remove equipment due for servicing or repair, minimizing risks and ensuring patient safety.

Optimized utilization: Real-time visibility of equipment status across sites enables informed resource allocation decisions.

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