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Shepherd Hospital Equipment supports care homes by providing tailored solutions for their medical equipment needs. We supply high-quality equipment, offer prompt repairs and maintenance, and ensure staff training for optimal usage. Our asset tracking system helps care homes efficiently manage inventory and streamline operations. As a trusted partner, we enable care homes to focus on delivering exceptional care and creating a safe, nurturing environment for residents.


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What We Do For Care Homes

Empowering Care Homes with Comprehensive Equipment Solutions

At Shepherd Hospital Equipment, we're dedicated to supporting care homes in providing the highest quality of care for their residents. We understand the unique challenges faced by care homes when it comes to managing and maintaining a wide range of medical equipment. That's where we come in.

Tailored Equipment Solutions We offer comprehensive solutions tailored to the specific needs of care homes. Our wide selection of high-quality equipment includes:

  • Mobility aids

  • Patient lifts

  • Specialized beds

  • And more

Prompt Repairs and Preventive Maintenance Our experienced technicians are always ready to provide prompt repairs and preventive maintenance services. We ensure that your equipment remains in top condition, minimizing downtime and allowing your staff to focus on resident care.

Staff Training and Support We believe in empowering your staff with the knowledge and skills they need to optimize equipment usage and ensure resident safety. Our team works closely with care home staff, providing training and ongoing support to help them make the most of the equipment we provide.

Efficient Asset Management With our cutting-edge asset tracking system, care homes can efficiently manage their equipment inventory and streamline maintenance schedules. This powerful tool enables data-driven decision-making, helping care homes improve their operations and allocate resources effectively.

Your Trusted Partner At Shepherd Hospital Equipment, we're committed to being a trusted partner for care homes. By providing reliable equipment, comprehensive support, and innovative solutions, we enable care homes to focus on what matters most – delivering exceptional care and creating a safe, nurturing environment for their residents.

Servicing For Care Homes

Regular preventive maintenance to ensure equipment remains safe and reliable.

Swift on-site repairs by skilled technicians to minimize equipment downtime.

Comprehensive servicing for a wide range of care home equipment.

Detailed service reports and recommendations to optimize equipment performance.

Flexible service plans tailored to each care home's unique needs and budget.

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Equipment Repairs

24/7 Call line for urgent guidance of needs to minimize disruption to resident care.

Highly skilled technicians experienced in repairing diverse care home equipment.

Well-equipped mobile repair units for efficient on-site repairs.

Comprehensive spare parts inventory for quick access to necessary components.

Post-repair testing and quality assurance to ensure equipment safety and reliability.

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Asset Tagging of Equipment

Unique barcodes for all care home equipment, enabling easy tracking and identification

Real-time equipment status and location updates for improved asset management

Centralized database for streamlined record-keeping and maintenance scheduling

Customizable reporting features for data-driven decision making and CQC compliance

Improved equipment utilization and reduced costs through optimized asset allocation

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Providing Medical Equipment

Comprehensive range of high-quality equipment specifically designed for care home use

Consultative approach to understand each care home's unique equipment requirements

Competitive pricing and flexible financing options to suit care home budgets

Timely delivery and professional installation to ensure smooth equipment integration

Thorough staff training on equipment operation and safety features for optimal use

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